Athens from A-Z

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BankMajor international banking institutions, credit card companies and ATMs in and around Athens are plentiful and easy to access.

Banks are open to the public Monday through Thursday 08:00 to 14:30 and Friday 08:00 to 14:00, except for public holidays. The "Open24" Bank (Eurobank) is open mornings and afternoons, as well as on Saturdays.

Foreign currency may be exchanged for euros at most Greek and foreign banks and at exchange bureaus located in the city center. Bring your passport when exchanging money as you will need it for the transaction. Traveler's checks and credit cards issued by major companies are also widely recognized and an accepted means of purchasing items in Athens.

Beaches near AthensThe are a number of sandy beaches on the south and the eastern part of Athens in districts such as Voula, Vouliagmeni, Varkiza, Anavissos, Marathon, Nea Makri, Loutsa and others. Many of these have been awarded the blue flag quality certificate which certifies both the quality of water and the quality of services offered on the beach. Beaches on the south, in districts such as Voula and Vouliagmeni, are easily accessible even by public transportation. It takes approximately half an hour from the city center to get there by public transportation and around 20 minutes by taxi or car. If you decide to head east to suburbs such as Nea Makri, Marathon and Loutsa, you can use the Regional Buses (KTEL).

Browse: Swimming and Watersports 

CasinoWhether you are a sea or a mountain lover gambler, Athens can satisfy your taste. Situated at the top of Parnitha Mountain, at 1055m above sea level, the Regency Casino Mont Parnes offers its visitor not only a unique, panoramic view of the capital but also a large number of traditional casino games and slot machines, as well as a fancy restaurant and café-bar. It takes about 30 minutes to get there by car from the city center.

Less than an hour's drive from Athens, Club Hotel Casino Loutraki is situated on the wonderful beach of Loutraki, near Corinth. It also offers a diverse variety of games and slot machines and a classy restaurant.
Admission to casinos is strictly for persons from 21 years of age and over.

Browse: Casinos

The Athens cinema field can be divided into three categories. Firstly, there are a number of multiplex cinemas situated in neighborhoods around the city center, at a distance of between 15 to 45 minutes by public transportation or taxi. On the other hand, the visitor will find many cinema venues in the city center, presenting a wide variety of films from cinefil to blockbusters.

Finally, a unique feature of Greek cinema is the summer open- air cinemas. Situated in many peaceful spots around the city, they combine café and cinema services so that you can sit with your companions at a table and enjoy a coffee, refreshment or a drink while watching a film on the screen under the beautiful Athenian skyline.

What you should also know is the fact that when screened in Greece foreign films are never dubbed, they just carry subtitles in Greek. Consequently, you can go to any cinema venue and watch your favorite movie in its original language.

Browse: Cinemas

For an easier shopping experience, you can check our list of the Greek equivalents for American and European sizes.

Greece USA UK Italy
36 extra small (XS) 6 32
38 small (S) 8 34
40 medium (M) 10 36
42 large (L) 12 38
44 extra large (XL) 14 40
46 extra extra large (XXL) 16 42


Greece USA UK
36 6 3.5
37 6.5 4
38 7.5 5
39 7/F 8.5 6
40 7.5/F 9 6.5
41 8.5/F 10 7.5
42 9/F 10.5 8
43 10 9
44 10.5 9.5


Athens is a city that offers numerous temptations as far as consumer products are concerned. Below you can check a list with indicative prices for a number of everyday products and services:

  • Museum tickets 4-12 Euros
  • Theater tickets from 20 Euros
  • Cinema tickets 7-10 Euros
  • Sandwich from 2 Euros
  • Souvlaki from 1.80 Euros
  • Big bottle of water 1 Euro
  • Greek coffee "to go" from 1 Euro
  • Cappuccino coffee at a café 3,5-5 Euros
  • A refreshment at a kiosk 0.70 Euros
  • Drink at a bar from 6 Euros
  • Full meal (starter, main dish, dessert, not including drinks) between 20-40 Euros

1, 5 hour ticket for all means of transport (metro, buses, trains) 1 euro

Demographic dataThe Region of Attica makes up a large part of the country's population. It comprises the major part of the economic and industrial activity and constitutes a nodal point for the transportation networks that interlink the provinces with each other and abroad. According to the official inventory of the Greek Statistical Service compiled in 2001, the population of the Region amounted to 3,761.810 residents and covers one third (36%) of the total population of the country. From the beginning of the decade of the 80s the rate of the population increase in Attica began to decline progressively. However, in the 90s, as a result of immigration, the fall was mainly stopped. Indeed, Attica is one of four regions of the country in which a natural increase of population is shown, increasing from 1999 onwards. Also, between 1991 - 2001 the population increased by 6, 8%, an increase almost equal to the total overall increase of the country's population(6,9%).

Duty free shoppingIf you come from a country outside the European Union and spend a minimum of €120 on the same day in the same store, you can benefit from a tax refund. Ask for your invoice or receipt and the tax free receipt. Do not forget to stamp your invoices or receipts at the airport.

You can also find duty free shops at "Eleftherios Venizelos" airport and at the Port of Piraeus


Tech Specs
Voltage 220V
Frequency 50Hz

Exchange and Currency(Source: European Central Bank)

Greece is numbered amongst the European Union member states participating in the single currency known as the euro, €, (evro in Greek). The multi-sized banknotes, depicting various styles of European architecture, come in values of € 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500. The euro coin series is comprised of eight different values: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 cent, €1 and €2. The euro coins have a common side and a national side indicating the issuing country.

Major international banking institutions, credit card companies and ATMs in and around Athens are plentiful and easy to access. Foreign currency may be exchanged for euros at most Greek and foreign banks and at exchange bureaus located in the city center. Bring your passport when exchanging money. You will need it for the transaction. Traveller's checks and credit cards issued by major companies are also widely recognized and an accepted way of purchasing items in Athens.

For more information on the euro go to:

For information on current exchange rates go to:

A useful currency converter is available at:

Note: If you still have drachmas and do not want to keep them as mementos, you may exchange them for euros until 1 March 2012. The coin deadline exchange expired on March 1, 2004.

The Athenian way of lifePeople in Athens Greece are extrovert, they enjoy celebrating and they are always willing to help a foreigner. When the weather is nice Athenians hang out in cafés, - Athens is the city of innumerable beautiful cafés! It is probably the only city in the world where coffee drinking has developed into an art. The menu of a café in Athens includes more than 10 different types of coffee, which is served with cookies or chocolate.
Evenings usually start with a dinner and then with a drink in a bar, to culminate at a trendy club or at the "bouzoukia"*. And since Athenians adore nightlife, bars in Athens remain open and full of people (especially on Fridays and Saturdays) until sunrise!

Don't be surprised if you see men and women everywhere kissing each other twice, it's typical of the city and a mark of friendship. If you are a foreigner, a warm handshake or a friendly tap on the back is also a way to thank someone who has been particularly helpful to you, and don't be surprised if you become their guest just because they liked you!

Drivers and pedestrians: Be extremely careful with the thousands of motorcycles and scooters in Athens. Priority is rarely given to pedestrians!

* Bouzoukia: Night clubs with live Greek music.

Calendar of Traditional and National Holidays in and around Athens

  • October 28th - "OHI" Day commemorates the day the Greek dictator Metaxas said OHI, or no! to the Italian ultimatum which asked Greece to allow Italian forces to use Greek soil for military operations or otherwise face war.
  • December 25th & 26th - Christmas
  • January 1st - The feast of St. Vassilis (Greek Santa Claus), New Year's Day
  • January 6th - The Epiphany
  • Clean Monday - movable feast
  • March 25th - Greek Independence Day
  • Orthodox Good Friday - movable feast
  • Orthodox Easter - movable feast
  • Orthodox Easter Monday - movable feast
  • May 1st - Labor day and the Feast of the Flowers
  • August 15th - Assumption of The Virgin Mary

HospitalsMany public hospitals and a few private ones operate in Athens. The public hospitals work on a rotation basis with regards to dealing with emergency incidents. To find out which hospitals are open for emergency incidents at a specific time, dial 14944. Treatment in public hospitals is free of charge.

Browse: Hospitals

Internet accessThere are a lot of internet cafés in Athens which are usually open all day long and are very reasonably priced. You can also use the public internet WiFi connections in Syntagma Square, Kotzia Square and Theseion (WiFi public hotspots). Athens wifi is a wireless hotspot based on 802.11b/g (WiFi). You can easily connect to the internet while you are sitting on a bench or enjoying your coffee. The connection is free provided that you chose the wireless network (SSID) athenswifi and type the number which appears on your screen. The speed of the connection is fast enough and the capacity is 4Mbps.

While Greek is the main language used in Athens, most Athenians speak English and those in the tourist industry are likely to speak French and German too. Notices, menus and road signs are written in both English and Greek. It is always fun, of course, to try and communicate in Greek. Why not give it a try?

Here are some tips to get you started:

Good morning - Kalimera
Good evening - Kalispera
Where is the... - Pou einai to ...
Hello - Yasou
Goodbye - Adio
How much does this cost? - Poso kostizi?
Water - Nero
Yes - Nai
No - Ohi
Taxi - Taxi
Bus - Leoforio
Metro - Metro
(Bus, metro, train) stop - Stasi
Electric railway - Elektrikos
Train - Treno
I would like to order - Tha ithela na paragilo
Beach - Paralia
Umbrella - Ombrella
Lounge chair - Ksaplostra
Hotel - Xenodohio
Wine - Krasi
Please - Parakalo
Sorry - Signomi
Thank you - Efharisto
I don't understand - Den katalaveno
I don't know - Den ksero
Where's the bathroom - Pou ine i tualeta
Beer - Bira
Milk - Gala
Help- Voithia

Greek language in history
The Greek language has influenced hundreds of languages in the world including 12% of the English vocabulary. The Greek language is also the basis for thousands of terms used in science, mathematics and technology.

he conquests of Alexander the Great (approximately 336-323 B.C.) lead to the spread of the Greek language and culture to the native peoples of the East who adopted it as a second language. Known as the Hellenistic Koine or (common) language, it later became the official language of the entire eastern part of the Roman and Byzantine Empires.

hen Greece was liberated in 1830, two different versions existed: the demotic or colloquial language and katharevousa, or the purist language. In 1976, the Greek government adopted the demotic language (with several katharevousa elements) as the official language.

Usually mobile phones automatically connect with the Greek network. You can also do it by yourself by choosing the option "network selection" on your mobile to get manually connected.

Your mobile phone operator will inform you about charges for calls received from your own country or for the ones you make while in Greece (local and international calls).

Tech Specs
Band 900MHz

Of course, a cheaper solution is to get a Greek mobile telephone number as soon as you arrive in Athens and use this during your stay. You can buy a new sim card even from the kiosks on the streets and the cost is €5.

Browse: Museums

In Athens pharmacies can be found all over the city. For overnight service there are always one or two pharmacies open in every district. For pharmacies on call, dial 14944.

You can post a letter or a postcard in one of the yellow boxes found in most places in Athens or in post offices. You can also buy stamps from the post offices or from the kiosks. The cost of stamps depends on the type (express, registered, standard) and the size of the letter. Sending a small envelope as standard mail to Europe, America, Asia, Africa or Australia will cost you 0, 62€.

Most post offices are open from Monday to Friday 07:30 to 14:00. However, there are branches which also open in the afternoons and on Saturdays and Sundays. For more information visit the Hellenic Post's website, where you can find a complete pricing list for all types of letters and parcels.

Browse: Post and Post offices

  • Emergency call: 100
  • Tourist police: 171 (information available in English, French and German)
  • Tourist Police Headquarters: +302106977386, +302106924929
  • Airport Police: +302103530000

PressIn Athens you can easily obtain daily and weekly international newspapers and magazines from kiosks around Omonia and Syntagma Square.

The newspapers and magazines you can find are:

  • Austria - Kurier
  • Belgium - Le Soir
  • China - China Daily
  • UK - Independent, BBC, Observer, Guardian, Sunday Telegraph, Financial Times, Daily Mirror, Sun
  • France - Le Monde, Libération, Le Monde Diplomatique, Le Figaro, Le Parisien
  • Germany - Die Welt, Faz, Der Spiegel, Bild, Süddeutsche Zeitung
  • Netherlands - De Telegraaf, Het Financieele Dagblad
  • Italy - La Stampa, Corriere Della Sera, La Repubblica
  • Middle East - Al-Jazirah, Daily Star, Kolisrael, Haaretz
  • Russia - Nezavisimaya, Gazeta Pravda
  • Spain - El Mundo, El Pais
  • Switzerland - Neue Zürcher, Zeitung
  • USA - Wall Street Journal, Associated Press, Washington Post, New York Times

Of all EU countries, Greece has the lowest crime rates. Athens had always been a safe city for both inhabitants and visitors. An important factor is that the city never sleeps: on the one hand, the enjoyable Athens' nightlife lasts until the early hours of the morning so none of the city center districts ever look deserted.

On the other hand, Athens has an effective security system and infrastructure, conditions that have been tested and succeeded on many occasions and most importantly in the Athens 2004 Olympic Games.

Emergency phone numbers

  • Emergency Number to call Police: 100 or 112
  • Tourist police: 171 (information available in English, French and German)
  • Traffic Police: 10400; +302105230111
  • Airport Police: +302103530000
  • Fire Emergency: 199
  • Ambulance: 166
  • Poison Control: +302107793777
  • Hospitals, pharmacies and doctors on call: 14944

Browse: Taxis

TelephonePhone booths can easily be found anywhere in Athens. The international code for Greece is +30. For example: +30 210 44 00 000
in case you want to call Athens from abroad.

ll Greek numbers have ten digits and the prefix for Athens is 210.
For example: 210 44 00 000

If you want to make a phone call to another Greek city from abroad, you have to dial the international code +30, then the prefix of the city and then the number.
For example: +30 + 2310 (the prefix for Thessaloniki) + phone number

A phone call costs 0.03094 €/min. It is worth being aware that rates are lower on Saturday and Sunday and every day between 20:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.

If you want to make a phone call abroad while you are in Athens, you have to dial the international code 00, the code for the country and then the number you want.
For example: 00 49/country code/number 

International Codes
+ 31 Netherlands + 32 Belgium
+ 33 France + 34 Spain
+ 350 Gibraltar + 351 Portugal
+ 352 Luxembourg + 353 Ireland
+ 354 Iceland + 355 Albania
+ 356 Malta + 357 Cyprus
+ 358 Finland + 36 Hungary
+ 370 Lithuania + 371 Latvia
+ 372 Estonia + 373 Moldavia
+ 41 Switzerland + 420 Czech Republic
+ 421 Slovakia + 43 Austria
+ 44 United Kingdom + 45 Denmark
+ 46 Sweden + 47 Norway
+ 48 Poland + 49 Germany
+1 USA +20 Egypt
+359 Bulgaria +39 Italy
+40 Romania  


Phone Cards
Phone booths are located everywhere in Athens. To use them you will need a phone card. You can buy phone cards from any kiosk or from OTE or from any Post Office. A telephone card costs between 4 € and 11€, depending on the number of units.

Voice Channels 1
VF bandwidth 4KH
Data bit Rate 9,6 - 56Kbp
Voice Channels  
VF bandwidth 7KH
Data bit Rate 64-128Kbp

Tech Specs
Analog TV

Modulation AM
Resolution 720x625
FPS 25
Screen Format 4:3
Vertical Frequency 50Hz
Transmission Bands VHF


Digital TV

Modulation COFDM Minimum
Resolution 720x576 Maximum

FPS 25
Screen Format 16:9
Vertical Frequency 50HZ
Date rate 4-24Mbps 174 - 230 MHz
Transimission Bands Band III 470 - 862 MHz

Band IV/V 470-862 MHz

The city that gave birth to theater as an art form continues to have a vibrant theaters life. The city has more than 140 theater venues, whereas more than 500 theaters productions are presented each year.

Following an urban regeneration program in former industrial districts within the city center, a large number of small theater venues, owned by independent theater groups, have been created over the last 10 to 15 years in Metaxourgeio, Psyrri and Gazi. Old warehouses have been turned into theaters, forming altogether a "theaters neighborhood" dominated by avant-garde independent artists.

The National Theater has six different stages in three different spots within the city center. The central building at Agiou Konstantinou street, next to Omonoia square, is an Ernst Ziller's design, built in 1901. Having been restored very recently, the stages are now in line with the latest developments in terms of equipment and technical specs.

Theater reality in Athens is divided into a winter and a summer season. The winter season lasts from late October to May, and the summer season from May until late October. During the summer season, theater is taken to open air amphitheaters, similar to the Ancient Theater of Dionyssos and the majority of the summer productions focus on Ancient Greek drama.

Browse: Theaters

Athens is in the Eastern-European time-zone, which means two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time. Additionally, Athens has a summer time, meaning that during spring and summer (from March to October) the clocks are put forward one hour.

Tipping in Greek restaurants and cafés is optional

Traditional highlightsThe following are some Athenian seasonal cultural holidays and traditional highlights you are sure to enjoy on your visit. Consider them when planning your trip!

January 6 - Theophania or the Celebration of the Epiphany. The most characteristic feature of the Orthodox Epiphany is the sanctifying of waters by invoking the spirit that appeared in the form of a dove over Christ at the time of his Baptism. The Orthodox faithful receive holy water at the end of the special service of the Epiphany and use it to bless their homes, gardens, and other possessions. Many preserve a small amount in a glass jar and may take a sip from it at times of illness and other personal or family adversities. On this important religious holiday, at several coastal inlets in Athens, the local priest throws a cross into the sea, while a large cheering crowd overlooks. In some areas they release three white doves symbolizing the Holy Trinity. The tradition calls for several young men to dive in and retrieve the cross. The first one to capture it is blessed by the priest and is said to have good luck for the rest of the year.

Celebrate Carnival or Apokries in Athens! The shops are filled with costumes and masks. Athenians of all ages dress up and look forward to the many masquerade parties and gatherings that abound before the start of Lent. The roots of the Greek Carnival customs can be traced back to antiquity. They are related to celebrations in honor of the wine god Dionyssos. In the past, the festive atmosphere was created by groups of masquerades who roamed the streets at night singing satirical songs. While the most extravagant Carnival party is traditionally found in the city of Patra on the Ionian coast of the Peloponnese, Athens equally enjoys a Dionyssian festive mood. Plan ahead and bring or buy a costume!

Tsiknopempti is another excuse to party in Athens. On this Thursday before Lent, Athenians trek out (once again) to the many restaurants to eat delectable grilled meats. Traditionally, this is the last chance to nibble on meat before the great fast.

Clean Monday or Kathara Deftera, the first day of Lent, is one of the most distinct Athenian days of the year characterized by kite-filled skies. Visit the annual official start of the Lenten fast on Philopappou Hill at the base of the Acropolis. Eat Lenten foods such as octopus, shrimp, bread, olives, cod roe and the sweet halvah while sipping wine and dancing to traditional Greek music. Just as delightful are the holiday feasts held annually at Lycabettus Hill, the park at Veikou (near the neighborhood of Galatsi) and at the pristine beaches along the Attica coast, where Athenians compete in a creative kite contest.

Easter (Holy Week) - As you might have guessed the festivities leading up to Easter are just teasers to the bouquet of celebrations that accompany, this, the most important of religious holidays for the Greeks. During Holy Week, church bells and hymns can be heard in the center and on the outskirts of Athens. Intoxicating aromas of traditional Easter foods emanate from local bakeries and homes and fill the spring air. Good Friday is an emotionally-charged day that ends with the Greek Orthodox churches' Epitaph procession and solemn candlelight vigil. It is especially spectacular to watch in Plaka, where the candle-holding faithful come together from neighboring churches to create a winding path of light. Holy Saturday, or the Anastassi (the Resurrection of Christ), is a joyous occasion that begins when the clock strikes at midnight. Together, Athenians chant the hymn Christos Anesti (Christ Has Risen) and wish each other well before enjoying the traditional magiritsa soup. Although it is customary for many Athenians to retreat to quaint mountain and island villages to prepare lamb on the spit on Easter Sunday, more and more Athenians choose to stay home to celebrate a more urban Easter at restaurants offering a modern take on the traditional Easter menu.

May 1, Protomayia or The first day of May (Labor Day) - The first day of May is another day that Athenians anticipate every year. It is considered the ushering in of the spring season. Traditionally, every family collects flowers from the neighboring gardens or the fields to make the May garland, which is then hung on their balconies. Big flower feasts and bazaars take place in the districts of Nea Philadelpheia and Kifissia.

Christmas, December 25th - Athens is a special Christmas destination. Characterized by a culture and a people that are welcoming and hospitable by nature, every visitor is made to feel at home. Athens sparkles as the lights that adorn its every corner reflect in the bright eyes of the cheerful holiday shoppers. The shops gleam as their ornate window displays aim to impress. The sweet and spicy smells of traditional Greek holiday cookies, breads and desserts are in the air and in every shop. Syntagma is especially impressive at Christmas as the 19th century neoclassical buildings and hotels that line its magically decorated square are lit up in glamorous splendour. Holiday sights and attractions that create a world of fantasy and fairytale delight for the entire family are centered here, in the square at Kotzia, and other magnificently decorated platies (or squares) throughout the city. Visit as many as you can for a true Athenian holiday experience. The city invites you to discover its magical lands, taste its delicious treats, hear music from around the world and play with traditional and modern-day toys.

There are numerous travel agencies, providing services such as air and boat ticket booking, hotel booking, organized tours etc operating in Athens. All travel agencies are licensed by the National Tourism Organization. Travel agencies do not provide booking for trains and KTEL buses, as the tickets are booked and issued directly from the train and KTEL buses stations respectively.

Browse: Travel Agencies 

Visit: Visa

Weather and climate Athens is an ideal year-round city destination with comfortable and favourable climate conditions for travel and sightseeing. Rainfall is minimal (estimated at just 40 cm or 16 inches per year) and Helios, the sun god in Greek mythology, smiles upon its streets over 300 days a year. The summers (June through August) are dry and hot with temperatures ranging from 78° to 94°F or 20° to 34°C and are recommended for diehard sun worshippers. Seasonal winds, known as meltemi, may accompany some hot days depending on the climatic conditions. September is often considered the ideal month for both urban activities and nearby island day trips with temperatures ranging from 70° to 83°F or 20° to 28°C. The Mediterranean climate makes for mild winters and even milder autumns in low-lying areas (such as Athens) with the coldest temperatures reported in January at a very temperate 41° to 55° F or 5°to 13°C. Christmas in Athens is a delight considering you can take in the city's lights and attractions at a relatively comfortable 45° to 50°F or 7° to 14°C. Snowy, icy days are few but within reach atop the surrounding mountain peaks. In Athens, sunshine and outdoor living is almost always a given- no matter what time of the year.

For a month-by-month breakdown of precipitation in Athens go to:


In Greek:

Listed below is a month-by-month breakdown of average temperatures and precipitation in Athens. (Source: and Hellenic National Meteorological Service)

  • Jan: 5.2° - 12.5°C / 41° - 54.5°F 5.69 cm / 2.2 inches rainfall
  • Feb: 5.4° - 13.5 °C / 42° - 56.3°F 4.67 cm / 1.8 inches rainfall
  • March: 6.7° - 15.7 °C / 44° - 60.26°F 4.07cm / 1.6 inches rainfall
  • April 9.6° - 20.2° °C / 49° - 68°F 3.08 cm / 1.2 inches rainfall
  • May: 13.9° - 26.0 °C / 57° - 78°F 2.68 cm / 1.05 inches rainfall
  • June: 18.2° - 31.1 °C / 65 - 88°F 1.06 cm / 0.4 inches rainfall
  • July: 20.8 ° - 33.5 °C / 69 - 92°F 0.58 cm / 0.2 inches rainfall
  • Aug: 20.7° - 33.2 °C / 69 - 92°F 0.6 cm / 0.2 inches rainfall
  • Sep: 17.3° - 29.2 °C / 63 - 85°F 1.39 cm / 0.5 inches rainfall
  • Oct: 13.4° - 23.3 °C / 56 - 74°F 5.26 cm / 2 inches rainfall
  • Nov: 9.8° - 18.1 °C / 50 - 65°F 5.83 cm / 2.2 inches rainfall
  • Dec: 6.8° - 14.1 °C / 44 - 57°F 6.91cm / 2.7 inches rainfall

The metric system used in Greece is the same as in the majority of European countries, apart from the UK and the USA which use a different one.

The conversion table below may be useful.

1 gram (g) 0.0353 ounce
1 kilo(gram) (kg) 2.204 pounds
1 centimeter (cm) 0.393 inch
1 meter (m) 3.281 feet / 1.093 yard
1 kilometer (km) 0.621 mile
1 centiliter (cl.) 0.021 US pint / 0.0176 UK pint
1 liter (l) 0.264 US gallon / 0.220 UK gallon
1 liter (l) 2.1 US pints / 1.76 UK pint

1 ounce (oz) 28,349 grams
1 pound (Ib) 0,453 kilo (grams)
1 inch (in) 2,540 centimeters
1 foot (ft) 0,304 meters
1 yard (yd) 3 feet-0,914 meter
1 mile (mi) 1760 yards-1,609 kilometers
1 US pint (pt) 0,473 liter
1 UK pint (pt) 0,568 liter
1 US gallon (gal) 3,785 liters
1 UK gallon (gal) 4,456 liters

Temperature in Greece is expressed in degrees Centigrade. But if you come from the United Kingdom or the United States, you'll find our conversion tables useful.

Degrees Centigrade Fahrenheit
-10°C 14°F
-5°C 23°F
0°C 32°F
5°C 41°F
10°C 50°F
15°C 59°F
20°C 68°F
25°C 77°F
30°C 86°F
35°C 95°F
40°C 104°F

Fahrenheit Degrees Centigrade
10°F -12,2°C
20°F -6,7°C
30°F -1,1°C
40°F 4,4°C
50°F 10°C
60°F 15,6°C
70°F 21,1°C
80°F 26,7°C
90°F 32,2°C
100°F 37,8°C
110°F 43,3°C

A city committed to diversity, Athens has a Mosque, a Jewish Synagogue, Catholic churches and Protestant Churches. As the official religion is Christian Orthodox, most worship venues are Orthodox churches.

The Cathedral is situated on Mitropoleos street, between Syntagma square and Monastiraki. Monastiraki district on the whole hosts a substantial number of small churches, many of which date back to the Byzantine era. Despite being medieval monuments, they are still used as worship venues.

A distinct characteristic of Greek Orthodox churches is the Byzantine iconography, which in Greece has been developed into a distinct art form, with its own tradition, schools, tendencies and artists. In Greek Orthodox churches, all indoor surfaces (walls, ceilings etc) are covered by Byzantine style paintings depicting saints, the Christ and the Virgin Mary as well as scenes from the Bible.

Browse: Places of Worship